Gift voucher - Night of the demons

Gift voucher - Night of the demons

Experience for yourself what it’s like to be a detective, a passionate actress or a sports talent. Can you solve a crime while keeping your personal secrets?


90 - 120 minutes

Number of players

7 - 12

Where is game located


7 / 10

Your goal is to put yourself in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple and investigate a curious crime. Each player plays their own role in the story, each is a suspect. However, no one knows at first who is to blame. You’ll find out by gradually interviewing other characters and linking information. You’ll use your logic, creativity and communication skills. If you really get into your characters, you’re guaranteed to have fun.
At the Mystery Dinner team building you will definitely have fun, get to know your colleagues better, practice team communication and have a great meal. Find out how your colleagues will take on unconventional roles, solve unexpected problems and analyse all available information. Will you be able to solve the murder together?
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