Fantóm Prahy

No like, no app, catch a live Phantom on the streets of Prague.

Fantóm Prahy

The game is intended primarily for avid outdoor and urban gaming enthusiasts. Logic, strategic thinking and teamwork are important. The game takes place in the streets of the old town.


1 - 2 hours

Number of players

6 ( 3teams x4 )

Where is game located

Old Town, beginning of Old Town Square


5 / 10

We are once again living in a time when the collection of secret information or revelations, possible disinformation, is coming to the fore. After years, we are once again seeing a growing movement of covert agents on our territory. Prague, Bratislava, Kiev, even Brno, there is currently increased undercover spy activity everywhere. Our sources indicate that our top former agent is about to arrive in Prague.
As a member of our organization, he had access to classified information about the impersonation of hundreds of agents in Europe. This man is nicknamed The Phantom for his ability to move stealthily and covertly wherever he is. We must stop him at all costs!

There is no need to use public transport when catching, although the Phantom does use it. Players will learn the rules by which the Phantom can move around the city. After each phantom step (move), they are given information based on which they try to figure out its location and predict its next move.
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